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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 21, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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us before christmas and before santa arrives. >> thank you. the north bay has taken the brunt of the rain all day. look at these pictures from highway one in marin county water rushing over the road this afternoon. chp closed 101 south of the tomales road. and the bad weather here and across the country is causing travel headaches for people trying to get home for christmas. at sfo rain and winds are causing flight days of an hour to an hour and a half. and so far today, 100 flights have been canceled but none affected at oakland or san jose airports. >> just be a drag to be stuck here like this close to christmas. >> we tried to catch bart where
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we live but it wasn't easy. it was pretty crowded out there. >> 18 states and the midwest are dealing with snow, rain and high winds causing flight delays and cancellations at many airports nationwide. in the sierra, as much as 5 feet of snow expected throughout the weekend. it's also going to be windy. forecasters say gusts could exceed 50 miles an hour. even roan no is expected a foot. traffic will be slow. even reno is expecting a foot of snow. a woman is under arrest. but as mark sayre explains, she is only one part apparently of this murder investigation. mark. >> reporter: well, allen, a judge set a $1 million bail for the single woman who was arrested here. the single mother that is who was arrested here. and while at this point she is not actually charged with official murder, her attorney says that the detectives are
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very much pressing her in the case. 22-year-old raven dixon of alameda appeared in court in shackles charged with being an accessory to homicide with a gang enhancement in the november 30th murder of ravi kumra in his home. she didn't say anything in her arraignment other than agreeing to an extension of her case. >> yes. >> reporter: but the details of the charges and what led to dixon's arrest are under court seal. sandra mitchell is her mother. >> i love my daughter and my love and prayers are with her and the family and we're praying for the best. she did everything she was supposed to do and i'm proud of her. >> reporter: while mitchell wouldn't discuss specifics she says her daughter is scared. >> she's a nervous wreck.
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it's hard for our family. >> reporter: the victim was a businessman in the south bay owned the mountain winery. today the police department released a statement reassure the public that the murder was not random. there is no ongoing danger to the community. dixon was arrested in mountain view this past tuesday. her attorney says his client has been interrogated by police just one aspect of this investigation he is concerned about. >> i have a lot of questions on how a single client mother gets arrested and being charged with a pc32 and nothing anybody or any of her family members know anything about it. it's out of the blue charge and i think they just might want somebody to charge that homicide to. >> reporter: now a spokesman for the los gatos montserrano police department will only say the investigation is ongoing. they will not specify how many additional suspects may be sought in connection with this high-profile murder.
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reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. the nation paused to remember the victims of last friday's mass shooting in connecticut with a touching tribute this morning. bells tolled 26 times at 9:30 a.m., the exact time 20 children and six adults died seven days ago. a moment of silence was also observed including one at the white house. and today five more funerals were held for victims of the tragedy. the one-week anniversary served as a backdrop for the first public comments on gun control from the national rifle association. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez on the group's proposal that's creating a new outcry. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: after being silent on the subject for more than a
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week after the slaughter in newtown, the chief of the national rifle association declared today the nra's solution for stopping school shootings is to have an armed guard in every school just like they have them at banks and sports arenas. >> if we truly cherish our kids, more than our money, more than our celebrities, more than our sports stadiums, we must give them the greatest level of protection possible. >> reporter: california senator dianne feinstein who is proposing a new assault weapons ban says she is upset the nra didn't go any further with gun restrictions. >> it's inconceivable after what the nra said to me today that they don't think people who have guns should have background checks or that they should be registered. >> it's a horribly poor choice to -- to say, you know, that the answer to gun violence is
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to put more guns out there. >> reporter: andrew is a parent of students in the west contra costa school district. based in richmond they deploy 20 armed police officers in all high schools and middle schools at a cost of $2 million a year. the district has put no cops in its three dozen elementary schools and has no plans or money to do so. >> i'm flad we're having that conversation because i think we have experience -- i'm glad we're having that conversation because i think we have experience with it. i think it's an overreaction as a school board member. how am i going to put armed police officers at 50 schools? >> we're live outside the gates of richmond high school. to drive home the point about costs, it's $2 million for this school district just for the armed security. $5million total for security overall. money they would desperately rather be spending on educating the children. reporting live in richmond, joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> checking bay area headlines a 23-year-old woman is facing
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charges tonight for allegedly running down four pedestrians near twin peaks in san francisco and killing one of them. the group is walking on christmas tree point road about 9:00 last night when they were hit knocking them down a hillside. the female driver was arrested nearby with two male companions. antioch police looking for a second suspect after a chase that ended in a crash. officers were trying to stop two people who allegedly robbed the bonfair market an 10th street around 1 a.m. the driver slammed into a retaining wall. one man was arrested at the scene, a second got away. a sinkhole in lafayette is open to reopen mountain view drive. the 80 by 40-foot hole opened up during heavy rain this month. the work is ahead of schedule and far enough along to open the road for christmas.
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more work will be done after the new year. >> because we didn't get this done, i will see you next week. >> washington leaders leave hort holidays and leave a "fiscal cliff" compromise on -- leave for the holidays and leave a "fiscal cliff" compromise on hold. what's left to find common ground with only days to make a deal. >> a milestone for california's jobless. the new number and where unemployment is still double the national average. >> an annual pampering for the mom. ,,,,,,,,
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president and congress are headed home for vacation. t president did offer a finala for a resolution... cbs repr 10 days until the country falls off the "fiscal cliff." washington is going home for christmas. tara mergener on the president's parting thoughts. >> reporter: president obama called on house speaker john boehner to come back to the negotiating table to avoid the "fiscal cliff." >> as of today, i am still
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ready and willing to get a comprehensive package done. >> reporter: the house did not even vote on speaker john boehner's proposed plan b because it didn't win enough republican support. >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: the speaker says the ball is in the president's court. >> unless the president and congress take action, tax rates will go up on every american taxpayer and devastating the defense cuts will go into effect in 10 days. >> reporter: his bill would have extended tax rates for households making a million dollars a year. the president put the threshold at $400,000. the white house and democrats here on capitol hill are frustrated that speaker boehner spent the last several days pushing plan b instead of focusing on a bigger compromise. >> nobody can get 100% of what they want and this is not simply a contest between parties in terms of who looks good and who doesn't. >> reporter: disagreements over
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how much to raise taxes and cut spending continue to separate democrats and republicans. >> what the president has proposed so far simply won't do anything to solve our spending problem. >> reporter: both sides insist they are still committed to stopping the big tax hike coming at the end of the year. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. the failed efforts on the "fiscal cliff" sent the stock market sliding. the dow dropped more than 120 points. the nasdaq and s&p fell sharply. some good news tonight on california's unemployment rate. it fell last month. it's in single digits for the first time since the recession began four years ago. the october rate was 9.8% but the numbers vary across the state. it's above 6% in san francisco and san mateo counties. just below 6% in marin county. but in drought battered imperial county, it is a staggering 26%! extra misery for last-minute shoppers. >> i thought we had more time
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and here it is the last weekend. >> the bad weather making them pay for their procrastination. how some businesses are offering a gift of their own. >> and epic weather what the roads and slopes look like in a live report. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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must-have: air-jordans.
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hundreds lined up at malls across the country, includi the stonewst francisco, for the newest holiday shopping must have, air jordans. hundreds lined up at malls across the country including stonestown galleria in san francisco for the new 11s shoes. a pair of those goes for about $200 and more on ebay i'm sure. those people aren't the only ones getting some last-minute christmas shopping in. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec with how are making it easier to -- how stores are making it easier to get gifts. >> here it is the last weekend. >> reporter: this weekend could shape up to beat out the black friday shopping rush. retail tracking firm shopper track forecasts that thursday, friday, saturday and sunday will be four of the ten busiest shopping days of the year for brick and mortar stores. >> last-minute shopping for her brother and my wife. >> reporter: the calendar is one factor in this weekend's rush with christmas on a tuesday, late shoppers have a long weekend to prepare for holiday festivities.
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>> i'm trying to fit a whole lot of stuff in, put up christmas lights outside, because i haven't done that yet. and maybe wrap some things and finish a gingerbread house. >> reporter: why did she hold off on shopping in. >> ran out of money. >> reporter: a survey released earlier week from visa found three-quarters of consumers still had shopping to do. >> for my mom and my brothers, goddaughters, nieces, mostly cashmere scarves, don't you think? >> reporter: a lot of stores plan to be open 24 hours a day all weekend long including macy's and toys 'r us. >> i don't want to be out on the 24th. so that's when you wrap presents and drink eggnog. get it done now. >> reporter: rain is forecast all weekend so if you want to avoid this, there are still some websites out there that guarantee shipping by christmas if you order by sunday night. in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. it seems to be coming at
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the perfect time for ski season. ski resorts snow. a new storm bringing with snow for the holiday weekend. cbshello, netta. >> reporter: it's not a fun drive but it's pretty. we have several inches of snow back to back cars have chains on or four-wheel drive. that's a requirement. these conditions are not easy to drive through. there are several spinouts. if too many occur they may close part of the roadways but once you get to places like downtown truckee it's worth it. quite picturesque out there as
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all this snow comes down it's starting to look like christmas. skiers and riders are excited. they say mother nature came in the form of santa this year bringing out all this snow ahead of the holidays. i'm neda iranpour here at blue canyon for cbs 5. >> how cute is neda and how cold is neda right now [ laughter ] >> very cold. >> both of those are pretty high. >> no kidding. >> skiers love it. it will take you three times as long to get to tahoe, but this is an early gift from mother nature wrapped up in time for christmas. we have rain here and snow in the sierra. new showers along the 880 and 680 corridor, fremont, milpitas all the way up almost to pleasanton now picking up showers. and palo alto is about to get wet, as well. toward the radar site mount vaca, vacaville, winters east towards sacramento and south toward vallejo along the i-80 corridor we are getting some rain. we are getting a break where we
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need it, marin county. your urban small stream and flood advisory expired. here's the sierra snowfall. early christmas gift from 24" to 60" of new snow by monday and the snow level which is very low right now will shoot up to between 5,000 and 7,000 feet tonight and tomorrow. mid-50s outside. it was windy. it was wet. and somewhat mild. pretty close to normal. san jose 56. santa rosa 52. with the cloud cover tonight, we'll stay right around 50 degrees for an overnight low from mountain view. 49 for fremont, vallejo 51 and santa rosa 47. so no worry about a freeze but there will be plenty more rain coming. we have this big low pressure area spinning off oregon that is going to continue to feed in moisture. we have about two more fronts to move through. the next one gets here tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be very soggy, for the first half of the day before we get a break. but the overall weather pattern is set up and locked, locked in place. high pressure to the south and west, low pressure to the north
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and west carrying storms right into northern california all the way beyond the new year. we will likely be wetter than normal. but specifically for tomorrow, we're looking at half inch of rain for concord, two-thirds for redwood city and up to 2" of rain for the north bay and north bay mountains. rain picks up tonight. if you have to go out shopping and don't want the rain, the best bet is a brief break tomorrow afternoon. rain sunday, and one dry day on christmas eve. highs tomorrow, san jose 57. redwood city 56. hayward, union city 56. last-minute shopping in walnut creek or pleasanton, mid-50s for you. rain likely especially early tomorrow sausalito, alameda, san francisco, mid-50s for your saturday. we are still wet on sunday. we get that break for santa claus and for the reindeer. they are going to have good navigation right into the bay area because monday will be dry. but as soon as christmas day afternoon, the rain comes back and rain is likely on wednesday and thursday and friday. this is our final check
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presentation for "food for bay area families." paul head of california middle market banking of jpmorgan chase is here. you have a great check but before that, tell us about your company's commitment to make sure people have simple things like food to put on the table this time of year. >> sure, paul. at jpmorgan chase, we're doing what we can to end hunger in the san francisco bay area this holiday season. and we're here today pleased to provide a check from our chase foundation to the san francisco food bank. >> it's a big check too. >> it's a big check. $110,000. >> excellent. very good. thank you, paul. [ applause and cheers ] >> that's going to feed a tremendous -- thousands of people in this area. now, paul ash from the food bank san francisco and marin county, $110,000 is a lot of money. this is a big need around the holiday season but we have a big need year round. >> we do. we're incredibly grateful for jpmorgan chase's gift of this magnitude because it will help us into the new year as we provide service every day of the year. >> and how can folks at home --
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they may not have $110,000 but they might have $10. they can help. >> every gift helps. go to the cbs 5 website and that will direct you to the food bank's website and make a gift there. >> okay. paul, paul and paul. we all thank you. [ laughter ] >> and final check presentation, "food for bay area families." we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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conversion therapy. that's e controversial practice int a federal appeals court has blocked california's law banning so-called conversion therapy. it is the controversial practice intended to turn gay minors straight. that means the law, the first of its kind in the nation also not take effect on january 1. the ruling was made on free speech grounds. the holidays can be difficult especially with a lost loved one. that's why these bay area mothers are being pampered. 26 of them were treated to a spa day in the city, thanks to marinello beauty school and united plaez. all of them have lost a child
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to street violence. >> it's been 17 years for me. and the pain is still the same. it gets better when i'm around people and when things like this happen for mothers like me. >> this is the second year they have done the event and it's certainly appreciated by all the parents who as you can see are smiling and laughing. >> very generous. you know, some heart patients waiting for a transplant, they are getting to spend the holidays at home thanks to an experimental device. dr. kim mulvihill has more. >> reporter: the back pad chad washington is wearing keeps his artificial heart pumping at home. he can charge it in any outlet. he received a heart transplant this year but the 35-year-old's body rejected t doctors at ucla gave him an experimental artificial heart while he waits for another transplant. >> i'm thankful to be alive. i'm thankful for everything, so much. >> reporter: chad won't have to spend months in the hospital connected to a machine. the implant is attached to
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tubes that go to a backpack. the pack sends a constant flow of pressurized air to the artificial heart giving it power to pump blood through chad's body. >> being able to go home and be a family, you know, in a normal setting is huge. it's gigantic. and it's a fantastic feeling. >> reporter: chad's cardiologist: >> living with this heart at home being able to with his wife and children makes all the difference. >> reporter: the device is an early christmas present for chad's family. >> we have quite the journey ahead of us. but we have a lot to celebrate right now. >> reporter: they are hopeful they will get an even better gift in the new year when chad receives another transplant. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. >> there are just 10 days now until taxes go up for most americans. but the solution appears to be farther away than ever. we are going to have a look at that tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as we mentioned earlier, california's unemployment is finally under 10- percent. t one analyst warns: don't ta here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news tonight. california's unemployment finally under 10%. but one analyst is warning don't take those numbers at face value. what he says is really going on in the job market. >> we need a little bit morva right, i feel, in businesses. >> it's packed with trendy new restaurants. why critics in this bay area neighborhood say they are
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simply fed up. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> thanks so much for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, the president faces a train wreck. >> nobody gets 100% of what they want. everybody's got to give a little bit. >> pelley: with big tax increases days away, republicans revolt. major garrett with s with the president. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. a moment of remembrance for newtown and the n.r.a. weighs in with its solution. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> pelley: elaine quijano and chip reid report. storms slow the holiday rush. dean reynolds on where the trouble lies. and steve hartman "on the road" finds the loss of a child has


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